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Who is the NJ CHICK???


Connie (NJ CHICK) Byrnes is a professional, highly versatile Voice Over actor proudly born in NJ and now located in Orange County, CA (but the "Jersey" energy & attitude never left her). Fugetaboutit!


Connie offers a full range of Voice Over services, at competitive rates, and will gladly work with your budget. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!


Connie (NJ CHICK) Byrnes has been described as "professional," "believable," "strong voice," "looks ahead of copy to capture emotion," "a definite personality," "energetic," "takes direction," "hysterical," "will deliver what you need in record time," "auditions well," "friendly," "skilled with a TelePrompter & Ear Prompter.I'm tawkin' to you!


With fast turnaround & availability to travel, why search any further? Ya hear me?



Destination Imagination Announcer - Storyteller (Miss Fairy Tale)

School Announcer - Motivational Speaker

"a voice BIGGER than the Statue of Liberty"

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